All Mother Goose on the Loose workshops participants will:

  • Understand the applied research on childhood brain development
  • Master the structure, formula and principles of Mother Goose on the Loose
  • Learn how to create high-quality early literacy programs
  • Acquire techniques for engaging infants and toddlers
  • Discover new ways to educate and involve parents and caregivers
  • Interact with colleagues to share knowledge and ideas.


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Traditional MGOL Workshops

Mother Goose on the Loose®

Explore scientific findings regarding child development, experience a hands-on Mother Goose on the Loose session, and learn how to easily plan and present your own program.

Mother Goose on the Loose is an award winning early literacy program that is used in libraries around the county (and abroad) for parents with babies from birth to age two, although it has been successfully adapted for children up to age 5 as well. Easy to plan and easy to present, Mother Goose on the Loose seamlessly combines music, movement, books, rhymes, puppets, and fingerplays in fun ways that help children develop language and self-regulation skills.

The standard full day “Mother Goose on the Loose” workshop includes a theoretical part where Dr. Betsy presents new brain research in early childhood education, and a practical portion in the afternoon where participants learn by making their own felt pieces and using them in a participatory Mother Goose on the Loose session.

 The traditional MGOL Workshop can be adapted. A few examples are:

Mama Gansa si la alcanza! / Mother Goose on the Loose en Español® 

Learn how to incorporate the structure, formula, and principles of Mother Goose on the Loose into a Spanish language program while helping to build community, even if you are Espanolnot a fluent Spanish speaker. Includes translated English-language classics and traditional Spanish rhymes, explores issues of cultural and linguistic sensitivity, and presents examples of ways to partner with a Spanish-speaking community member to plan and present quality program together.


Savta Goose on the Loose / Mother Goose on the Loose in Hebrew®

Experience a version of Mother Goose on the Loose in Hebrew and learn how to present it to your community.



Inclusive Mother Goose on the Loose®

Explore different ways to adapt the Mother Goose on the Loose program for children with special needs.


Transforming Preschool Storytime®

Transforming Preschool Storytime introduces a new way to plan and present preschool storytimes that helps build school readiness and 21st century skills. Serving as a practical model for integrating the five practices of Every Child Ready to Read, this lively workshop inspires long-time librarians as well as providing guidance to librarians who are just starting in the field.

The standard “Transforming Preschool Storytime” workshop presented by Dr. Betsy is based on her book co-authored with librarian Melanie A. Hetrick. The training includes a review of relevant research, connecting the research with practice, small group brainstorming, and sharing ideas with colleagues.

New Full-Day Workshops


Mother Goose on the Loose® Refresher

Seasoned Mother Goose on the Loose presenters recharge their batteries by learning new material and sharing with each other. A brief research recap is followed a joint MGOL session with each participant’s most successful songs and rhymes woven in. Discussion topics include MGOL practices, “What do you do when…” questions, and lots of fun brainstorming.  Developmentally appropriate ways to use new media in programs and tips on presenting the Felt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose app in MGOL sessions will be covered.


Nurturing the Brain through Storytime

Go beyond simply choosing books and related fingerplays to plan storytimes; use strategies that take brain beginnings into account to create optimal learning environments. Extending Transforming Preschool Storytime, this workshop targets storytime as a vehicle for sparking multiple intelligences, helping children and their adults prepare for the future.  Learn how to modify storytime to support learning and development in all domains (emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and creative) through repeated presentation of one selected book.


Playing Your Way to LiteracyParent-Child Smiles

Children learn through play; play is one of the five practices recommended in Every Child Ready to Read. Adults can also learn through play; in this workshop, participants sample playful activities while connecting them with school readiness domains and research that supports their value. Matching play with storytimes in appropriate ways and encouraging parents as play partners makes this workshop a valuable and joyous learning opportunity. Help children build social-emotional skills including self-regulation, problem solving, and mutual respect while providing opportunities for adult participants to also learn through play.


New Half-Day Workshops

Using Musical Activities to Build Self-Esteem, Self-Regulation, and Other Readiness Skills

Workshop participants learn how to turn simple rhymes and songs into opportunities for helping children develop self-esteem, self-regulation, and school readiness skills across all of the domains. Participate in nursery rhyme activities that strengthen executive function by focusing on the healthy development of the WHOLE child. Discover ways to translate brain research findings into practical applications of musical activities for children.


 Mother Goose on the Loose Abbreviated

A shortened version of the traditional MGOL workshop with fewer activities.


Transforming Preschool Storytime

Take a second look at the traditional preschool storytime format and use repetition with variation to build 21st century skills.  Group brainstorming, sample storytimes, easy-to-understand explanations of research, use of “oldies but goodies” as well as advance reader copies of picture books, give participants a sense of the possibilities at their fingertips. Re-envision the purpose of programs and feel empowered in your role as a children’s librarian.


Early Childhood Programming: What is it Worth?

Presenting early childhood programs in your library is more than mere entertainment! The effects of these programs extend far beyond the walls of the library. Research shows that their value can be measured in dollars as well as in school readiness skills. Learn why your programs are extremely important and pass the message on to your community.


In addition to these workshops, Betsy can tailor a workshop to fit your needs. She is also available for consulting and training. For more information, please send an email to

MGOL training workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your target audience. Materials purchased in bulk for workshops will be provided for a discounted price.

A Full-Day Workshop costs $2300 per day ($2500 for California) plus airfare, hotels, meals, ground transportation, $50 per diem, and baggage fees if applicable.

Cancelation Policy

  • Trainings cancelled within one calendar month notice will be billed in full including any applicable travel expenses.
  • Trainings cancelled in advance of one calendar month will be billed for any incurred travel expenses.
  • Workshop fees for cancellation of trainings due to severely inclement weather may be waived on the condition that the training is rescheduled; host is responsible for any incurred travel expenses.