cen campbell and Dr. Betsy at a Goose 2.0 training
cen campbell and Dr. Betsy at a Goose 2.0 training


Goose 2.0: Incorporating Digital Media into Mother Goose on the Loose

Now that digital media is more omnipresent in most homes, storytellers, children’s librarians and community leaders are working toward developing practices that guide parents in healthy media behaviors for families that include young children. MGOL is an ideal framework to begin a respectful, non-judgmental dialogue with parents and caregivers about media consumption with young children. We can address the new challenges of media use with very young children and support parents in their quest to provide the very best learning opportunities for their families. Goose 2.0 still uses all the traditional tools of the storytelling trade; rhymes, songs, puppets, musical instruments and felt boards, but it also uses age appropriate, high-quality digital media, and models healthy media behaviors and joint media engagement.  This new training workshop


  • Introduces different types of new media
  • Examines evaluation of apps for children
  • Discusses policy statements and issues facing technology use with children
  • Shows how age-appropriate digital media can complement (but not replace!) the standard use of rhymes, songs, puppets, musical instruments and felt boards
  • Offers tips on guiding parents toward healthy “technology behavior” for youngsters


Participants in Goose 2.0 training will be able to do the following:

  • Increase the use of the public library by families with young children by fostering emergent literacy skills in young children;
  • Provide an educational model to parents, increasing their understanding/skills as a child’s first and most important teacher;
  • Increase the skill level of youth services staff to work with the community about the developmental needs of children;
  • Develop young children’s familiarity and comfort with libraries, books, words, and music, all in a variety of formats;
  • Incorporate technology into Mother Goose on the Loose programs in a way that supports parent-child and models healthy media behaviors.